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Lamborghini Hire in London and other prestige motors

Who hasn't dreamed once, at the very least once, about driving one of those ferocious and powerful supercars you see on TV commercials or, if you are super lucky, passing by your side with their seamless engine roaring and their breathtaking lines simply showing you who's the boss?

Supercars are designed to go beyond imagination. You can tell one apart from the rest by just looking, by just listening. Heck, were it one to park in your sight, it would immediately call your attention - and everyone else's around you. You know how it works. Your eyes are caught by the striking colours, the unique lines, the sense of power it conveys. Girls want to approach and see who's driving. Guys can't help to stay right there with their jaws dropped. Whoever drives the supercar will immediately become object of attention, admiration and jealousy.

In addition to that, the actual experience of being inside one of those monsters is literally a one of a kind experience. There's nothing like that, plain and simple. Since the very first second you place yourself in the cabin you can feel the difference, you know you've stepped into another level. The classy environment, the technology, the comfort. You don't even need to turn on the engine to feel like you are inside a supercar.

And then you turn it on.

The power of the engine will get your heart beating like crazy as you perch your hands on the wheel. But don't let that overwhelming potence scare you! It's wild and savage, but it's absolutely under your control. You're the master. The controls are seamless and smooth, and highly responsive. You can turn and maneuver and you just won't believe how easy it is to handle. You will be the king when riding a supercar.

Supercars for hire

Now, as you might have guessed by this point, supercars cost a fortune. They're worth every single penny, but are beyond the reach of most people. Don't let that disencourage you! If you dream about driving a supercar, then you can do it. You don't have to be ultra rich. You just need to save for a bit and then find a great supercar hire service.

You can enjoy this experience for a day or a couple days. Save it for a special occasion, like a stag or hen do, a wedding or an anniversary. Or schedule a trip, hire it with a couple friends and take a week off to cross the country on a crazy luxury car. Or, why not, just indulge yourself for a day with the experience. The sky is the limit and the choice is yours!

Here is a list of great places in London where you can hire a supercar at a convenient price and with the best results.

A.J. Prestige

Located at Regent Street in London, A J Prestige is one of your best choices for supercar hire. They have a wide selection of brands including - but not limited to - Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and many others. You can also hire 4x4 and high performance cars. In case you are hiring a car for a top class client or just don't want to drive yourself, A.J. offers a chauffeur service.


Enterprise is perfect if you want to hire a supercar for business trips or vacations because it offers it services in nearly 70 countries including the UK. You can schedule your supercar online, they will pick you up at a location - like an airport, for example - and you can drop the vehicle either at the same location or at another one anywhere you wish.


Europcar is another option for you if you want to hire a supercar for a trip. They cover a wide geographical area with their luxury vehicles, and you can book a pick up at most airports. When you hire a supercar at Europcar you can count on their 24/7 hour service and road assistance, so you are covered no matter what happens. Forget about everything and enjoy your ride on your favourite supercar.


This is one of the oldest luxury car services now active in the UK. For over one hundred years - yes, you read that right - Sixt has been offering its services in the United Kingdom and other many countries in the world. You can count on their experience and compromise and rent a supercar. You can schedule it online and pick it up at any of their 4.000 branches around the world, or just have them pick you up at your chosen location.

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