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LPG Servicing and using Alternative Fuels

The Reason behind the Increased Need of Alternative Guels

With the current state of the global economy, prices of virtually everything are soaring to extreme highs making living expenses hard to comfortably accommodate. For vehicle owners, gas prices are ever unpredictable mostly going higher marked with little pauses of a drop in pricing once in a blue moon.

This however hasn’t stopped more people from acquiring their own cars since despite what the economy has to say about owning one, it remains a necessity for many in order to cover their transportation needs efficiently. As such, more research has been going into developing cheaper alternative fuels such as LPG in order to lessen the cost of owning and operating automotives.

What is LPG?

Speaking in strict scientific/chemistry terms, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a composition of various hydrocarbon fuels which in essence can be implemented as an energy source. Over the years LPG has gained many application areas all of which have seen vastly improved productivity due to the positive economic implications it has provided…mostly cutting down of costs.

Few examples of LPG application areas include:

Food preparation appliances which are gradually turning away from costly electric and wood fuels

Heat appliances


Cars going LPG

Major firms like Big LPG have been in the business of converting car systems to using LPG for quite a while since the idea came around. The basic outline of the process includes fitting your car with a specialized new propane tank coupled with a new fuel injector to take over the working of the ones already present. 

With their track-record backed skill, the process of fitting an LPG system on your vehicle is set to be more than great. Other sites like AFDC provide more resources on this particular process and what to expect of it. 

Maintaining your LPG System

As is with the case with anything, careful maintenance of this system is a priority. This is to ensure it continues to perform as expected without failure while maintaining its standards and functionality. As earlier mentioned, there are quite a few firms in this business but not all of them can be said to be quite ‘there’ yet with this kind of thing.

As such, it would be prudent to have your system serviced at the same place where you had it fitted, say at Big LPG who have an impeccable record with this service. 

Here’s a few things to consider when selecting a firm to either fit or service the LPG system to your vehicle:

 I. The firm’s renown

Information pertaining to their track-record should be easily accessible from various online resources as well as locals who have engaged the firm for the service. This is an important step to take so as to ensure you’re going for people who know their stuff and can adequately deliver.

 II. Variety of available systems

LPG systems exist in quite a few variations and as such they should have a selection for you to choose from based on their merits and demerits. Thorough discussions are crucial at this stage so as to know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect

 III. Pricing

Obviously another major decider when going for this kind of project. You should go for one whose implementation costs as well as maintenance costs are well within your monetary comfort zone.

 IV. System Plans

Another important thing to look at when selecting a firm. It would be prudent to check what their policies are regarding aspects like insurance of the system in question, warranty as well as things like maintenance covers. From this aspect you can rest assured you haven’t gotten yourself into a bad deal that would eventually cause you losses. Big LPG states theirs and informational sites like AFDC state what to expect on this aspect.

Reasons to choose for LPG systems

Having heard about how to go about getting an LPG system fitted on your car and how you can have it maintained, here’s a few reasons why you should go for LPG systems for those doubters still there:

LPG systems ensures fuel cost spending on your part decrease substantially.

LPG as a source of fuel can enhance your car’s performance since it burns better compared to other fuels. As a result of this, engine contamination is significantly lowered, cutting you more maintenance costs.

LPG systems are relatively cheaper to maintain.

LPG systems contribute to a greener environment since it cuts down on harmful emissions.

It is a simple process to convert your car to an LPG system.


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