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How to Choose a Good Car Repair Centre

Accidents happen and no matter how cautious one is, this is inevitable. Even if you follow the rule of the road down to the last letter and exercise caution whenever you take to the wheel, there will always be things that are beyond your control. Whether it is bad weather conditions (something the United Kingdom is arguably better known for than Shakespeare) or reckless drivers and pedestrians (no matter how alert a parent is children will always be children and do things in the blink of an eye).

If for some reason you end up in an accident and need to get your car repaired you need to know how to choose a good car repair centre. Choosing a bad one can have a multitude of negative repercussions including the possibility of your insurance refusing to pay out because the centre that claims to do first class car repairs is not recognized by your insurance company. Then there’s the cost of constantly having to pay for car repairs due to bad workmanship. No need to worry, this article will help you decide which car repair centre is best for your needs –no matter where you live or how badly your vehicle has been damaged.

Look For a Repair Shop Before You Need One

Most experts agree on this. You need to find a decent repair centre before you need one. This means that as soon as you buy your vehicle you need to start looking for a repair centre. While it is obvious that you will not be thinking of getting into an accident the moment you drive out of the showroom but this is probably the best time to look into it. Ask your dealer for recommendations about service centres in your area – if a dealer is able to service your car he or she will probably be able to do repairs should you need them. If you are moving to a new town you need to do the same thing in principle. Ask your current repair or service centre if they can recommend anyone in the area you are moving to. If they do not know anyone you can either the head office of the make of your car or ask locals who they think is the best in the area, Word of mouth is an important determinant of the quality of service that you can expect to get. It’s a lot like going into the busiest restaurant while on holiday. If you see a lot of locals there, you are guaranteed that prices are reasonable and the food is good.

Go With An Accredited Car Repair Centre

Certain warrantees insist that you go with an accredited car repair centre or you risk losing your warrantee. This is particularly important when you need to repair things like a gearbox. If you own a BMW you will need to go to a BMW gearbox specialist for peace of mind. People who only work with one brand of car will know how the components work together far better than those who work with a wide range of car brands. The same goes for you if need someone who specializes in Mercedes AMG gearbox repairs

or any other brand of motor vehicle. Rather go to an accredited specialist – even if you have to pay more you are more likely to get better service and not have to go back and forth continually in order to get your car repaired unnecessarily due to bad work.

Visit a Number of Shops

Okay, so now you have a list of accredited car repair shops and have done your homework online by visiting websites like The next thing you need to do is to go to the shops physically. Yes, take time off and see what’s happening there. If there are customers around, ask about why they go to the repair centre. Ignore answers about specials, price and being friends with the owner and pay attention to responses about fixing cars right the first time round, no surprise extras when picking up the car and an eagerness to respond questions from customers. These kinds of responses tell you a lot more about the quality of customer service than if they are cheap or the owner has lots of friends. Finally, head to consumer forums like Yelp and Hello Peter to check if any complaints have been lodged against a particular service centre and what it was about. It should narrow things down for you very quickly.


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