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Essentials of LPG Conversion for Cars

By now the whole world knows that driving an LPG fuelled vehicle is comparatively cheaper than the diesel or the petrol versions. The LPG version of the cars is also beneficial for the environment in many ways.

The LPG or ‘auto gas’ fuelled vehicles have increased in number over the last few years. Recent reports suggest that there are approximately 11million or more LPG fuelled vehicles in use all over the world. Out of this huge number about four million are believed to be running in Europe itself.

Its usage is quite similar to the age old fuels like diesel and petrol, if handling and easiness of use are considered. But where it beats the others is in the factual economic and environmental benefits which it provides. These advantages make LPG one of the finest and most workable alternative fuel options for vehicle. 

Some Facts about LPG

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon fuel which comes into being from butane and propane. The fuel has an extraordinary property which turns it into a liquid when under pressure. However under the normal atmospheric pressure it again reverts back to its gaseous state. This helps in storing it in its liquid form under pressure. During earlier times LPG was thought to be a waste product and was burnt off at the oil rigs itself. Now its benefits have been recognised and it has become a major source of energy production.

Environmental Benefits

When you take a decision about converting your car into a LPG driven vehicle, you are not only saving money but also the environment. The two main issues that threat the world as far as fuel matters are concerned are global warming and the degrading air quality mostly in the urban regions.


Emissions that are given out by vehicles mostly contain different forms of oxides of nitrogen and carbon dioxide which pose major threat to the environment.


Though LPG also emits some amount of carbon dioxide but it is less than what is coughed out by diesel and petrol fuelled engines.

LPG is also a cleaner alternative in terms of nitrogen oxides and other articulate emissions that add on to poor quality of air.  

The Cost Factor

A major attraction behind LPG conversions is the potential saving factor. Fuel bills can be reduced almost by 40% after switching from conventional fuels. This turns out to be a lucrative option for vehicles for private use as well as business purposes. LPG vehicles in most countries also get a benefit of paying lesser road taxes.

The lessened car tax as well as the reduced road tax gives a big advantage to many taxi drivers, managers looking after a fleet and even to several users who drive a company car.

Choose What is Right for You

Once you are sure about fuelling your vehicle with LPG, the next important thing is to make an informed decision about purchasing a LPG conversion kit. It is better to rely on a reputed garage which will work out things in a good way for you and your car.

There are plenty of choices available in the market. The products that you get will vary in terms of quality as well price. If the vehicle under consideration has a complex system of engine function or is equipped with an injection system that has sequential multi-points, it is then vital to test the viability of the LPG equipment in the car. It is better to take expert advice in such situations to avoid inconvenience later.

Generally it may cost anything from £1,500-£2,000 for LPG conversion in a small car. What you expend for the change in fuel system will possibly be recovered quickly due to the reduced cost incurred per mile. 

LPG Conversion of a vehicle is no doubt time consuming and is a job best handled by a specialist. It is thus extremely important that chosen installer is both trained and a competent fitter. Though many people think otherwise but it is however not at all a great idea to make an attempt and try to fit the LPG conversion kit at home.

The LPG tank would take up significant amount of space in the vehicle. Most of the time it is fitted in the boot but at times it takes up the space allotted for the spare wheel. Consider all these issues before you make your decision.

However,LPG car conversions have another great benefit. They can be worked on both LPG as well as the original option of fuel. The car still carries the petrol tank even after conversion. This gives you an alternative choice in case of an emergency. Changing fuels options while on the road is easy. Just a flick of a switch on the dash board and your fuel option changes to the one you desire to use. 


Weighing all the pros and cons it seems that changing to LPG is actually an attractive option. It reduces cost, keeps the air cleaner and keeps fuel options open when on the move. However it is extremely important that the system is installed properly. It is best done by garages that have expert fitters of LPG conversion kits.

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