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Car Diagnosis and Common Car Fault Codes

Detecting Car Issues Quicksly

Cars are a common sight on roads nowadays. However, it wasn’t like that in the past. In the beginning, cars were highly overpriced and didn’t function that well. Over the years, there have been a number of developments made to cars. Not only have they made them more efficient but also affordable too. Gone are the days when you had to spend oodles of money on purchasing a decent car. You can get a car today for a low price with ease. However, the one problem that still remains is that of car faults. Even today, a car can breakdown at any time. 

The difference though is that we now have car diagnostic services available that can detect car issues quickly. If you want to find out about car faults and get them diagnosed quickly then visit  

Importance of Computerized Car Diagnostics

Car faults can be hard to diagnose for people. They can occur at any stage and cause a great deal of issues especially if you are in on a long trip. In the old times, it took a great deal of time for even the best auto technicians to find out what was wrong with a car. They analyzed each part of the car before finally determining what is wrong. The process of diagnosing car issues and faults has quickened a lot now though. Auto technicians can easily detect the fault in a car using computerized car diagnostics. Visit to get your car issues detected through computer diagnostic testing. The following are some reasons why computerized car diagnostics has become so important today.    


It is a very quick method which involves the use of computer technology for diagnosing car faults. Computerized car diagnostics can help in pinpointing the issue within a few minutes of checking. It is like doing an MRI of a car which does not take much time and is also quite accurate. You will get to know exactly what is wrong with your car so that you can get it fixed as soon as possible and get back on your way. 


Detecting Intermittent Issues

One of the most important reasons why computerized car diagnostics is considered so beneficial is because it can help in the detection of intermittent issues. In the past, it had been close to impossible to diagnose such issues as they disappeared when the car was brought in for repairs. However, modern cars nowadays store information regarding the intermittent issues in a fault log. This log can be accessed by computerized car diagnostics which can then help in discovering these issues which could not have been detected before.   


In addition to being quick, computerized car diagnostics is extremely accurate too. Unlike auto technicians, it does not make errors when diagnosing car faults. The reason why this system is so error-free is because it plugs into the mainframe of your car and quickly communicates with it to find out what the fault is. The fault is identified in the form of a fault code that has been developed by the car manufacturer. Technicians can identify the car issue using that fault code. 

Easy to Use

Another added advantage of computerized car diagnostics is that it is extremely easy to use. It basically involves plugging the diagnostic tool into the car’s mainframe. Any auto technician can perform this task with considerable ease. In fact, it is so easy to use that even a common man can get it to work if he has access to it. You will however need to visit the auto technician to get the car issue fixed. Visit to find out more about the importance of computerized car diagnostics and its benefits. 

Common Car Fault Codes        

Car fault codes are the coding system devised for identifying issues with different car parts. These codes are generated in response to a problem detected by the on-board car sensors. The fault codes offer the auto technicians a chance to identify the problem areas in a car when it is brought in for repairs. Visit here to view the complete-list-of-obd-codes. The following are some common car fault codes and what they represent.  These can prove to be quite handy when faced with a problem.

• P0001 – Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit/Open

• P0200 – Injector Circuit Malfunction 

• P0300 – Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

• P0400 – Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction

• P0500 – Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction

• P0600 – Serial Communication Link Malfunction 

• P0700 – Transmission Control System Malfunction

• P0801 – Reverse Inhibit Control Circuit Malfunction

• P0900 – Clutch Actuator Circuit/Open


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