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Automatic Gearbox Repair Centers That You Can Rely On

An automatic transmission has 3,000 plus parts, which makes it one of the most complicated yet remarkably long-lasting and tough car systems. It works under extreme stresses and temperatures and still manages to stay optimally functional. However, in order to keep this system functioning optimally, regular servicing is required.

With some knowledge and simple precautions, you can enjoy years of trouble-free performance. However, even with regular servicing, the gearbox and transmissions system is prone to malfunction. Sometimes these glitches can happen at the most inconvenient of times. It is for this reason that you need to have contacts to several professionals to get you out of trouble. To give you a head start, here are a few of UK’s top transmissions experts.

A Few of UK’s Top Gearbox Repair Centers

There is an endless list of UK professionals who are well skilled to handle a range of issues affecting automatic gearbox and transmissions systems. Here are a few of the credible, certified and reputable transmissions experts that you may want to have on your contact list.

Automatic Gearbox Centre Ltd

Having been established in 1985, this repair center has steadily built a solid and excellent reputation for their passionate expertise and knowledge of transmissions systems and repairs. As a member of ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group USA) and FATE (Federation of Automatic Transmission Engineers), you are assured that AGC Ltd is a tried and certified center.

 With Automatic Gearbox Centre, you can get expert advice on how to care for your car as well as troubleshoot gearbox issues, get free quotes and professional services at competitive prices. The center has the latest electronic testing equipment for accurate diagnosis as well as trade and domestic servicing. Their services are available all over Sussex.

Mister Transmission

This is the most reputable automatic repair shop all over Dartford. With over 30 years of experience in auto repairs, especially gearbox and transmissions repairs, Mister Transmisson provides guaranteed repair services, thanks to their latest diagnosis equipment and experience in handling gearbox issues. 

In addition to their acclaimed service MT offers free breakdown service within London for transmission troubleshooting, fault finding and professional repairs for all makes and models. If you have a classic, vintage, prestige and high performance car and you do not know who to contact in case of a breakdown, well, now you know Mister Transmission will sort you out.

Wavertree Automatics

This family run repair shop, which was established in 1969, has built a reputation as one of the most reliable automatic professionals in Beckenham, Kent, London and Surrey. Their services extend to vehicles of all makes and models with automatic gearboxes. This includes light commercial vehicles. Their commitment to high quality services at affordable prices has put them on the map as one of the most reliable repair shops.

When your car’s automatic gearbox needs repairs, reconditioning rebuilding and top of the range diagnostics, pop in at Wavertree Automatics. Their services come with a guarantee, so do the spares they use to recondition the gearbox. If you are going to Beckenham, Kent, London or Surrey, you might want to have their contacts just in case you need their services.


Better known for their reputable LPG conversions, Big LPG is one of the most reliable transmissions repair shops in the UK. With more than 15 years of experience in auto repairs, the staff here is highly skilled to handle both manual and automatic transmission system issues. If you are around Essex or London and may need to have your gearbox checked, repaired or reconditioned at the most competitive prices in the industry, you might want to have them in your contacts.

Quick Tips to Keeping Your Car’s Transmission Healthy

While knowing who to contact when your gearbox gives you trouble can save you big time, keeping your carís transmission system healthy can save you a whole lot more. You may find that some insurance service providers only pay for repairs when they ascertain that you have done your part of caring for the car. What is your part in keeping your car healthy?

• Regular maintenance services ar crucial for the long term performance. It is also important to change the transmission fluid annually or after 15,000 miles

• Check the transmission fluid regularly for any abnormalities and to ensure it is in the right levels. Replace used up or burnt fluid and check for leaks in case of low fluid and refill

• Take care of your car; don’t ride with the foot on the brake as it strains the transmission. You may want to come to a complete stop first before shifting gears to avoid that “engine drop”.

• Warm up the engine in the winter by letting it idle for a few minutes before you put it in gear. This warms up the transmission fluid and provides adequate lubrication.

With proper care, you can go for a long time without having to worry about fixing your transmission system. However, if you do encounter some problems, it is always good to have a few contacts at hand.

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